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Ribbon Mic Preamp

Our ultra-high impedance ribbon mic preamp kit allows ribbon microphones to deliver their full frequency response by bypassing the consumer-grade circuits in your mixer or recorder.

The 30k Ohm input impedance, 72dB of clean/quiet gain, and no capacitors in the signal path.


This preamp is designed specifically for ribbon microphones. A high-impedance input with no capacitors allows the full frequency range from your ribbon mic, that can often be restricted by low-impedance or low-grade mixer or recording inputs.

XLR balanced input, no phantom power, and an unbalanced line-level output that goes direct into the line-level input of your mixer or recording device, bypassing questionable consumer-grade "microphone preamp" circuitry.

Maximize the potential of any ribbon mic - and most dynamic mics - with the Austin Ribbon Mic Preamp Kit.

Get a Preamp and Austin Mic Kit COMBO, and save on both.

Download Austin Ribbon Mic Preamp spec sheet (pdf).

  • One Knob

  • Through-hole components

  • Low-noise, hand-soldered layout

  • Zero capacitors in the signal path

  • 0VDC offset servo output

  • Anodized aluminum enclosure

  • Two-year service warranty

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Combine with an Austin Mic and save $$!

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