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True Blumlein™

The True Blumlein™ DIY Stereo Ribbon Microphone is a center-point, fixed-angle, coincident ribbon microphone which features a Blumlein polar pattern: the most desirable stereo pattern available! Two Figure-8 polar patterns combine for a realistic, wide-field stereo soundscape. It connects to standard 3-pin XLR cables. No custom 5-pin "Y" adapters required.

Our True Blumlein Kit is essentially two Austin Ribbon Microphones head-to-head. It is the equivalent of building two mono Austin mics into a single, longer, microphone body. It teaches all the same skills as building a single mic kit, twice! Simple hand tools are required, and custom assembly tools and instructions are included.


"This mic setup is top notch. I set it up in a mildly untreated space to run tests on overheads and WOW! Overall I am amazed with the quality, imaging, and already know this is my new default setup."

- Paul Nichols, commenting on his True Blumlein Stereo Ribbon Microphone.​

Audio Testimonial recorded with an Austin True Blumlein.
  • Powder coat finish

  • Lundahl, Cinemag, or Austin OTA-2 transformer

  • Switchcraft™ XLR connectors

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • DIY Plans, Videos and Direct tech support as needed.

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