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The Guitar Gadget

Have you ever tried to hold a Fender-style pickup switch while soldering it? The clever pickup switch grips alone in the Guitar Gadget are game-changers! 


The Hot Holder Guitar Gadget™ is specifically designed to make assembling and repairing the electronics on LP, T-style and S-Style electric guitars faster and easier.

An "Out of Body Experience"

Plug-in, rotate, and tightly grip your pots and switches according to the "LEO", "LESTER" or "T-STYLE" templates, solder them together with hard wires, then remove everything as one assembly and install right into a pickguard or body.


A perfect fit with no scratching, no wood particles, no deformation, and easily wired outside the guitar from every angle, without burning the body cavity, flicking solder onto the finish, melting the pickguard or damaging your workbench.


Voids for XLR microphone cable connectors, RCA jacks, tinning wire ends, 1/4" guitar plugs, 3.5mm headphone plugs, and miscellaneous sizes, too.

Stop burning yourself, and protect your guitar's finish… Get The Hot Holder Guitar Gadget!

  • 4.125"x2.5"x1"

  • 7 oz.

  • LP, T-Style and S-Style templates that grip.

  • Suction base prevents sliding

  • Made in the U.S.A.

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