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The Pedal Port

The Pedal Port holds guitar pedal pots, switches and jacks at any angle without tipping.


It’s got a Circuit Board Slot that holds boards from tiny to large, at the perfect 45° angle for soldering... Or lay your PCB on top of


The suction base also sticks to smooth surfaces so you're not chasing parts around your table with your soldering iron.

Designed to securely hold everything a DIY Guitar Pedal Builder needs: jacks, pots, switches, cable ends, DC power jacks, printed circuit boards, LEDs, wires, and components, without burning, melting, or heatsinking.


Unlike plastic vise jaws, metal pliers, or vise-grips, the soft high-temperature silicone won’t melt, scratch, leave marks, or deform parts if they overheat during soldering. Silicone is also an insulator, so it won’t heat-sink your parts, or short-out your circuit.

  • Our smallest and most economical Hot Holder product!

  • 2.625"x2.5"x7/8"

  • 4.2 ounces

  • Superior stability and gripping

  • Suction base prevents sliding

  • Made in the USA with 100% domestic materials.

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