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Crystal clear, very interesting and accurate too.

– Bob Crowley (Crowley & Tripp Pro Audio)

The total package is truly badass! It is now regularly displacing Telefunkens for detail, Sennheisers for fullness and Royers for sparkle.

– Chris McKenna

I’m really pleased with how this mic has turned out. Sonically, it hangs in there with a Royer R-121… Mine has a little better top end. My upright bass player yesterday tried to buy one from me. I sent him to your website.

Keith Compton, Nashville Engineer

Dude… This mic setup is top notch. I set it up in a mildly untreated space to run tests on overheads and WOW! Overall I am amazed with the quality, imaging, and already know this is my new default setup.
- Paul Nichols, on his True Blumlein Stereo Ribbon Microphone.

The finished mic sounds as good as my RCA 44.

– Corey Brunish, Frank Sinatra tribute performer

To my ear this is the fullest/richest sounding in the bass/low-mid/mid of all the mics in my collection.

Phil Manning

I got the best compliment I could get from a pianist: “You made the bright Steinway piano sound like a magnificent warm and detailed Bösendorfer concert grand piano.” They sound absolutely GREAT and much better than I would believe for the money I paid for them. And building was a lot of fun too!

Korneel Bernolet, Recording Engineer, Belgium

I’m really happy with the finished product! It sounds EXACTLY as expected! I bought it because I was unhappy with the harshness of my Neumann for high voices… and gosh! It’s full and smooth… I love it!

– Etienne Rouge, France

Your videos and written materials were both totally clear and left nothing to the imagination. And you can quote me on that :) [Hear Kyle’s Audio Testimonial, recorded on his True Blumlein™ Mic!]

Kyle Bronsdon

Not only where the directions good…but I love every thing I record with these (I built two while I was at it.) The satisfaction of knowing “It’s mine” feels good every time I listen. The reproduction of the Piano was amazing.

– Dave, Mixbox Jazz Trio

I must say that the more I use my Austin mic, the more I think it’s the best I have.

– Clever (Brazil)

I gotta say, Wow! Those measured better than a few pro mics I’ve seen!

– Herb (Massachusetts)

Magazine open to review of Austin Summer Reverb pedal.
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