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Aus-Tone Tube Amp Kit

Our AUS-TONE DIY Tube Amp Kit is designed to springboard you into building and understanding Tube Amps! A hybrid between early Princeton™ and Champ™ designs, our AUS-TONE Kit delivers pure "Class-A" guitar tone. Learn tube circuit design and analysis with our video tutorials and PDF plans. You'll assemble the pre-cut wood cabinet, install the 10" speaker, then hand-wire the circuit point-to-point... While becoming familiar with a tube circuit found in literally every tube amp out there. Watch our two-minute YouTube circuit explanations.


Verify your circuit with low voltage. Our build does not introduce high-voltage until you have 100% verified the circuit works with your meter and our LVA (Low Voltage Adapter). Measure and verify the circuit at just 10% of wall voltage and 3% of the wall current. You can't blow fuses or smoke components with our LVAeven if power is shorted directly to ground!

Student, faculty, and DIY workshop pricing available for your school or event, plus speaker and tube upgrade options. Build your confidence, build your experience, and build your own Tube Amp!

  • 5W Class-A tube amplifier with a 10" speaker and a Pine cabinet

  • Introduces the basics found in EVERY tube amplifier

  • 12-16 hour build time. Common electronic tools required

  • Previous DIY and soldering experience recommended, or build with a mentor

  • Our LVA Low Voltage Adapter prevents blown fuses and smoked parts

  • Laser-engraved control panel

  • Weight: 6 lbs.  Dimensons: 15 ½" x 15 ½" x 8"

  • Inquire about speaker upgrade options, and a Tremolo add-on coming soon!

Princeton™ and Champ™ are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments.

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