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Helping You Do-It-Yourself

Our microphones, pedals, and amps are designed as Do-It-Yourself kits. Our goal is to empower the DIY and audio education community with easy-to-understand projects that springboard you into the world of electronics, design, troubleshooting, and discovering you can do this!


Why DIY? Because it empowers minds and hands of all ages to create their own tools for expression. When you do it yourself with our kits, you'll learn about electronics, soldering and troubleshooting, increase your confidence, and save money.


We build the finished products too, but don't let a DIY kit discourage you: All of our products, instructions and videos are world-class, with dedicated technical support if you have questions.

Austin Ribbon Microphones was founded in 2007 by inventor, engineer, and musician Rick Wilkinson. Our lineup features professional ribbon microphones, preamplifiers, tube amps and spring reverb units, guitar pedals, and innovative workbench tools. People all over the planet have found success with our DIY kits.


In addition to DIY kits, we host educational workshops and packages for colleges and high schools where students build and learn in a classroom environment directly from Austin founder Rick Wilkinson. We can even remote-in with "zoom" style video workshops anywhere in the world. Lets build together!

Note: Every Austin kit can also be purchased completely assembled, for an added fee.


To place an order, get product support, or ask questions, contact us.


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Austin microphone kit with parts laid out on an electronic work mat.
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