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The Hot Holder PRO

The Hot Holder PRO is a solid block of high-temperature silicone with grippy precision holes to grip parts while soldering.


It stays rock-solid on a bench in any orientation, grips parts tightly without scratching, no residue, and most importantly for soldering: It won't suck the heat out of your work.

The Hot Holder PRO is our most diverse soldering tool.


Engineered voids for Pro Audio connectors, switches, potentiometers, DMX 5-pin, wires, MIDI, Molex, TA4 wireless mic, 9-pin tube socket, and circuit boards. Throw one in your repair kit, and keep one on your bench to use every day.

"Throw away eveything with an alligator clip. This is the best designed soldering tool you've ever used."


  • 4.25"x2.5"x7/8"

  • 6.5 ounces

  • Superior stability and gripping

  • Suction base prevents sliding

  • Made in the USA with 100% domestic materials and labor.

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