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Guitar Pedal Kits

With AUSTINDRIVE, you design your own unique tones. This is not a "solder these parts here", or a "we think you'll like this sound." It's a novel approach to tone shaping and pedal design.

Guided circuit design, pictorial assembly instructions, and video tutorials are a springboard to learning about pedal mods and future DIY projects.

AustinDrive introduces filters, gain, clipping, schematics, and assembly. Guided by a chart and component explanations, YOU change the character and tone by swapping parts! More than 20 different resistors, diodes, capacitors, and op amps are included to help you define your own sound: Clean boost, smooth blues, 70's rock, metal, and more than 525,000 different combinations in-between! 


Educator, student, and quantity discounts available.

Video ("zoom") workshops with your students or group are available, too!

Digital reverb with a kick. Surfy vintage spring reverb sounds from a digital pedal, and it makes loud, genuine spring CRASHES when kicked! 

No Springs Attached - The reverb crashes are digital, randomized, and never the same twice in a row. Kick it without worrying about breaking the fragile transducer wires found in real spring reverb pans.

SUMMER REVERB is a little more advanced, and is a great "next pedal" after you learn about basic circuit components and soldering on a printed circuit board with an AUSTINDRIVE Kit (above).

This exceptional-sounding drive pedal delivers complex musical tones. Awesome with humbuckers and drop-tunings, or single-coils in the neck position. Control the shape, edge and darkness of the distortion.

DIY Kits coming soon. Currently available as a ready-to play pedal only.

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