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The Austin Ribbon Microphone Preamplifier was designed specifically for the Austin Ribbon Microphone and is dedicated to Ribbon Microphones. It's 30,000 Ohm input impedance keeps the ribbon free from outside influence. Ultra-high impedance allows ribbon mics to perform significantly better than an on-board preamp with a typical 1.5k Ohm input. Low noise and high gain might even reveal problems with your XLR cables that you never knew about!


I mean, the Austin Ribbon Mic Preamplifier will help your SM57 sound great too, but it is not for condenser mics that require Phantom Power.


  • One-Knob Gain control steps between 10dB and 72dB
  • 30 kOhm input impedance
  • No capacitors in the signal path.
  • No Phantom Power circuitry to add noise
  • Mogami internal wiring
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • Balanced input, with an unbalanced output
  • Designed to go into your "Line-Input" and bypass the consumer-grade mic preamps built-in to your mixer or recording device.
  • Fat, low-impedance traces on the Printed Circuit layout
  • 1000mA oversized power supply has very low stress to reduce power supply noise
  • Over-sized 1/2W resistors ensure quiet operation throughout.

Austin Ribbon Microphone Preamplifier

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