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DIY Tube Amp Kits

Learning to build and understand a tube amp couldn't be easier!

Austin DIY Tube Kits feature point-to-point wiring on a terminal board (not printed circuit boards!), pre-cut wood to assemble the cabinet, a laser-engraved Steel enclosure, tubes, grillcloth, and color-coded wires and cut-to-length. 120V USA power is standard. 230V Euro transformers and power cords are available.


Fully illustrated graphics show where to place every component and wire. Test and troubleshooting documents are included (see below), but if you need individual Tech Support, our tech shop will review photos of your build and help you troubleshoot.

But what about High Voltage???

You verify your circuit at low voltage first, with the included LVA (Low Voltage Adapter).  Test at 10% of wall voltage, and 3% of wall current. Our proprietary LVA reduces risk and protects the circuit from burned resistors, blown fuses, sparks, fire, and tripped circuit breakers... Even if power is accidentally shorted to ground! The illustrated circuit verification instructions walk you through low-voltage verification with a Multimeter, to ensure your wiring is continuous and corect before you apply wall power. Gone are the days of crossing your fingers, looking away, and hoping you don't burn components or blow your fuses. Our LVA can be used on other amps to troubleshoot them at low voltage and current, too!


Ask us about purchasing our LVA Low Voltage Adapter as an individual tool.

Ask us about group DIY workshops for students, and educational discounts for schools.

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