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Parts & 3D Printed Tools

We manufacture, engrave, cut, and bag the majority of parts that go into our kits: Ribbon Motors, Transformers, Circuit Boards, etc. Of course, we buy a few things off-the-shelf, too: screws, resistors, wire, and metal enclosures, but when you need parts or want to upgrade, we aim to have everything in stock, all the time.

Contact us to get replacement parts for your AUSTIN Ribbon Mic, Tube Amp, or Guitar Pedal shipped out ASAP. Usually next-day. Custom orders and quantity orders may take a little longer.

Use these kits, parts and tools to repair your AUSTIN ribbon mic or upgrade mics from other manufacturers. Details below and on the order pages, or ask questions about these parts at our contact page.

  • Find a donor microphone body, and install our Ribbon Motor Kit

  • Upgrade your imported ribbon mic with Lundahl, Cinemag, or OTA-2 Output Transformers

  • Repair a broken or inferior Ribbon with our Ribbon Foils

  • Convert a cheap, donor MXL-990 into a world class Ribbon Mic with our MXL-990 Mod Kit

  • Get yourself a Hot Holder Soldering tool



Order our LVA Low Voltage Adapter

Troubleshoot Tube Amps at 10% of the voltage and 3% of the current, with our proprietary Low Voltage Adapter. A lamp indicates over-current and short-circuits that would otherwise smoke components and blow fuses. Use the low voltage adapter to reduce risk to yourself and your amplifier when verifying power circuit voltages and heater voltages. $49. FREE SHIPPING. (Note: Included with the AUS-TONE tube amplifier kit)


Order a LVA from our Tube Amp Page:


Download and print our 3D Printed Tools - FREE!

Our 3D-Printed Guitar Pedal and Tube Amplifier tools are free to download and print yourself.

A scaleable nut driver file for pedal Pots, Jacks, & Switches, a resistor lead bending gauge for our AustinDrive Pedal, and a Tube Pin Straightener. New tools added to the .zip file whenever we design them.

3D printed custom tool sets you can order for Austin DIY Kits are coming soon.

Picture of Austin Microphones kit and all the parts that go into a mic.
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