I’ve invented something for all of us who hate those unstable “3rd-hand” alligator-clip things for holding parts while soldering. The Hot Holder is a solid block of flexible silicone, with grippy precision holes for connectors, parts, and holding wires. It’s heavy. It’s elegant. It makes those janky articulated things look embarrassing. It stays rock-solid on a bench in any orientation, grips parts tightly without scratching, no residue, and most importantly for soldering:

    High-temp silicone doesn’t act like a heat sink!

It is a “game-changer” for the few of us that still create and repair things with soldering irons.

I am running a true micro-business, using a proprietary 3D printing technology that I created. No corporate businesses, angel investors, or multi-national conglomerate firms. It’s me to you. (But don’t be afraid to ask about OEM and quantity orders!)

If you’re still reading, you already know you can’t live without one.
If you don’t buy one now, you’ll be thinking about it the next time you pick up a soldering iron… Save yourself a return trip and get it now.

$39 FREE SHIPPING to any USA Address.

The Hot Holder