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Tube Spring Reverb Tank

Our DIY Tube Spring Reverb Kit is based on classic 6G15 tube spring reverb tanks, with modern circuit components. Simple Dwell, Mix, and Tone controls, and a classic-sounding spring pan we discovered after auditioning more than 15 pans during the design phase.


Choose a variety of Tolex and grill cloth options, or let our Video Tutorials teach you how to build and cover your own cabinet. Follow the fully illustrated, pictorial instruction manual, placing every component on the terminal board. Every wire is color-coded and cut-to-length. Solder your point-to-point wiring, then verify the circuit with a meter and our LVA Low-Voltage Adapter, included with every kit. No more smoked components or blown fuses!

Direct, personal tech support is included. If you run into problems or have questions, send us photos of your build, and out tech team will review them and help you... Not customer chat rooms or a FAQ.

Note: Previous DIY and soldering experience is recommended. Or, find a friend, mentor, or a local club and build with someone familiar with DIY electronics kits.

Ask us about "Electronics Only" kits with pre-built covered cabinets, and ready-to-play, finished units.

  • Classic 6G15 circuit, point-to-point wiring

  • 12AX7,12AT7, and 6K6 tubes included

  • Low Voltage Adapter (LVA) for testing

  • Hammond Power Transformer

  • Laser-engraved steel chassis - The graphics won't rub off!

  • Ready-To-Play tanks and KIts with Pre-Built Cabinets are available

  • Color options & combinations available (Ask Us!)

  • 15.5" x 7.5" x 7.5” / 11lbs.

  • Ready-to-play units have a 2-year service warranty

  • Hand-Made in San Diego, California

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