AUSTIN Tube Spring Reverb Units. View on our Store
A nod to the classic 6G15 circuitry and layout, with new, modern parts
and a 3-prong safety cord. Hand-Built in San Diego, CA.
Solid wood, incense-cedar cabinet. You can stand on it. Hand-wired,
hand-soldered Terminal Board, not a PCB. Hammond Power
Transformer. Vintage, tested USA 6K6, 12AT7, and 12AX7 Tubes are
standard. Laser-Engraved control panel. The REAL deal.
Slightly smaller than the classic Fender reverb unit, with overall
dimensions of 16.75"L x 7.5"D x 9"H (42x19x23cm), plus a handle on
the top. 11lbs. Audio Sample HERE
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