Serial # 001 Dirty Microphone
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The Original Dirty Microphone, Serial #001.
The rough worn powder-coat and darkened headbasket grille says it was handled with care, but has often been rode hard and put away wet. Comes with a hand-signed COA.
Pretty Patina

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Pretty Patina
Pretty Patina is a beautiful princess. Greens and dull yellows accent the purple powder-coat. You never ask a lady her age, but her vintage 1970’s XLR connector is some insight that might reveal herself.
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Walt 3
Walt 3 has seen some shit. This mic has been around the block a few times, and has survived to tell the tales. His vintage Dymo label is evidence of his heritage.
Rusty Cat
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Dirty Cat
Dig this Dirty Cat. An homage to hard-working heavy machinery. Dirty Cat has rock dings and rust around the edges, but runs strong like a classic diesel engine.
Brass Natural Patina
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Natural Brass Patina
This Hippie chick went “back to the garden,” but stayed out a little too long. Her genuine brass patina is Mother Nature’s protection from further damage. She’s got a beauty-mark: A wisp of spray-paint from some careless Theater set decoration. She will continue to age gracefully over the rest of her lifetime.
Yoke Mount Microphone $795

Strong and industrial, Dirty Mic’s first Yoke-Mount design is a nod to a bygone radio era. Hard-wired with a modern rubber cable and a restored Switchcraft connector.